We had over 2,500 interviews in the one evening and this represented an unprecedented demand from our parents. This was a significant increase – some 40% more than our usual at this time of the year. From a marketing or business perspective we could not be happier – it makes sense to put the decision re interviews in the hands of the clients – our parents. We conducted a survey on the night and found incredible support for the new system – ease of use and the efficiency of programming and scheduling. Prior to the evening as we could not accurately predict the demand that we would receive we appreciated the flexibility in the program to model different time durations for the interviews and eventually settled on eight minutes to reduce the number of missed interviews – the program did this with ease. As this was the first time through we did encounter a few issues but I was extremely happy with the prompt and efficient support we received that enabled us to resolve these and move forward. Alan Crierie, Senior School Deputy, St Michael's College
ALSO: Timetabling committee member, Catholic Education Office, SA


We had a lot of problems with parents being unable to book interviews earlier in the year, and our hall was so crowded and noisy. Moving to the new Edval method of computer scheduling interviews has been a breath of fresh air for our local parents. Unlike before, interviews with our core teachers were fairly allocated among all parents based on their priority. On average all our parents were scheduled within two minutes of their preferred start time, which is just amazing. The system was able to give many teachers half an hour early mark, and we even closed the event 90 minutes earlier than we had planned, as the computer schedule was just so efficient! The other thing we found was the school hall was not crowded like previous years – it seems the computer allocation of interviews has been very successful for both parents and teachers at our school. Nic Morris, Deputy Principal, Bowral High School.

We saved several hundred dollars in not having to give staff meals, as the system condensed interviews so much that we sent most teachers home before the meal break. Unheard of! David Stonestreet, Deputy principal, Sutherland Shire Christian School.


We used online interview bookings at my old school, but this new method of computer scheduling all the interviews seems to make all the difference. Parents love it. Andrew Middleton, Deputy Principal, Southern Highlands Christian School.


Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation believes effective parent teacher night events are crucially important in our schools. Having had exposure to different parent teacher night management systems and methods across schools in our group, we have found that centrally scheduled events by computer are superior to the more basic online interview booking systems or manual paper and pen processes.

   We purchased an enterprise license of EdvalPTN for all of our schools to use, and while there were some initial concerns by schools who were already using other online booking systems, they have embraced the central scheduling approach to interviews. Parents are still able to book and change times themselves, but the ‘initial’ central scheduling process has proven to offer our parents significant benefits in better equity of access to teachers in high demand and far more compact schedules, as well as allowing more interviews to be booked than if all parents booked online on a “first in, best dressed” basis.

   Now it is not a mad rush for our parents to book quickly to get the good times or teachers. All parents are treated equally and fairly by the system. This has been particularly important, as it can be true that some parents who make their bookings last may be the parents teachers want to spend time with most!

   The unique central, batch scheduling approach used by EdvalPTN has also resulted in far less congestion at events themselves. There is less noise and confusion, increased parent privacy and even better on-time running of events - when parents are steadily booked over a shorter time at the school, they tend not to go overtime. The central scheduling approach has also led to happier  teachers, who now get more compact schedules. This was one drawback of the more basic online interview scheduling systems where parents booked places whenever they could find a space remaining – there was no consideration of the efficiency of the event as a whole.

   EdvalPTN delivers compact, quality interview schedules for parents AND teachers and enhances the quality of Parent Teacher Interview events for all participants.

Greg Collins, Learning Technologies Implementation Team, Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation

This is the first year we are using the new computer scheduling method for all our parent interviews. It has been a great success all round, and we are connecting with a lot more parents than ever before. Steven Armstrong, Deputy Head - Academic, Oxley College


Edval’s system is fantastic! Our parents were over the moon with the schools decision to implement EdvalPTN. Our parents had very little wasted time on their schedule and were amazed at how simple it was to request interviews. Queue jumping was non-existent because all parents were forced to stick to their schedules due to how the system allocates highly sequential interview times to parents. The system was so simple to use and navigate that we handled on the spot requests and were able to complete tasks like printing parent schedules quickly and efficiently. We are really pleased with the system and will not be looking back! Phillip Donato, Deputy Principal, Our Lady Of The Sacred Heart College


It only took me half an hour to fully setup the event online from my timetable, which is faster and easier than other online interview booking systems I have used before. We feel it is much better educationally to remove students from being involved in the process. The system clearly paid for itself in our very first event and more, as the administration and other costs like phone calls with parents were very much lower as the system seems much simpler to use. We left interview bookings open up to and during the event, and found many parents making bookings at very late notice, or even during the event itself, which was just so easy. Some parents attended without having made any prior interview bookings, but using the Edval system we were able to give them a schedule on the spot in seconds – when at previous events it would take a long time to deal with any late comers like this, or would result in these parents having a lot of time wasted between seeing each teacher. It’s clear that the automatic system seems to grant much shorter schedules, and parents seemed pleased with the system, as is our college. Greg Collins, Deputy Principal, Australian Technical College Western Sydney

We are keen to use the edval system again this year for our Parent / Teacher interviews. We were very happy with the system last year. Paul Mameghan, Learning Technologies Leader,Northcote High School, VIC
Very impressed by the Parent Teacher Night process. I received unsolicited feedback:
eg "This new system is excellent, whoever chose to use this system made a great decision. Well done." and "Congratulations on the new system for booking parent-teacher interviews. It was perfect with no time wasted.” The clock display and chimes were excellent. Thank you for your assistance in the implementation of the process. I have found EdvalPTN to be a great product. It promised much and certainly delivered on it's promises. Robert Dowdell, Deputy Principal, Sydney Boys High School

This school is seriously impressed with the ever growing capacity of Edval. Our recent Parent Teacher interviews attracted over 1600 bookings! We expect this number will grow. Educational administration at this school is benefiting enormously from Edval's capacity to streamline our daily operations, learning is enhanced as a result. Edval is changing the way we think about our work.Andrew FitzSimons, Principal, Dapto High School
The EdvalPTN system has to be one of the easiest I have set up, and our parents found it great – it was a huge improvement on the paper based system we used to use. Interestingly several teachers remarked that it made far more parents attend, and especially parents who they want to see – rather than only seeing parents of the good students. We were pleased with this change, and see it as a more educationally beneficial approach to organising our parent teacher interview events. Wendy White, Director of Operations, Thomas Hassall Anglican College

We were very pleasantly surprised with the success of our recent Parent Teacher Interviews using EdvalPTN. We doubled the number of interviews previously achieved using our past procedures. Our parents were very impressed with the ease in arranging interviews and the efficiency of the booking process. The exit survey of parents gave overwhelming support for this new interview process and commended the school on adopting this new technology. Our teachers, although a little sceptical at first, gave the system their full support. Most commented on interviewing so many more parents that had not been accessible in previous Parent Teacher Evenings. This system has greatly increased our effective communication with parents so that we can work in partnership with parents in maximizing student outcomes. Given the success of this first experience with EdvalPTN we could not go back to our previous procedures. Both parents and teachers are enthusiastically looking forward to our next event with this system. Peter McSeveny, Principal, Springwood High School

The online interview booking system was a wonderful addition for our school administration. Not only was it time saving, but it also enabled parents to see the greatest number of teachers in the shortest amount of time. I was also most impressed with the way that the system even allowed time for parents to move between interviews depending on where the interviews were physically situated in the school. Parents were delighted at how smoothly the system worked and the how there were not large queues waiting for teachers. Staff were impressed at the ability to request special interviews without alarming parents and block out particular time periods as necessary. They were also very pleased to be able to track the interview process whenever they went online. Overall, the system worked very well and the electronic timer messages and bells enabled parents and staff to stick to the schedule and make the day run with the minimum of fuss. Throughout the process, Chris and his staff from Edval were always available and ready to help. This played a large part in enabling us to tailor the system to our specific needs. We would happily recommend this system to any other school. Don Taylor, Principal, Southern Highlands Christian School

We had initially thought that the Edval parent teacher interview system was an efficient way to book interviews on the web, but we soon realised it is a whole new way of thinking about how the event is scheduled. Parents requesting interviews in order seems to make a big difference and we were pleasantly surprised with the results. Our parents seemed very supportive of the new approach, which reflected well on the school. The approach seems to be far more educationally orientated as it encourages attendance from parents who may not otherwise have come or even been told of the event. We found the system very capable in managing complex family relationships such as various sibling links and non-custodial parents. Teachers are now able to see who missed out on interviews with them and how important was these interviews to the parents.. or how involved each parent is in the event itself. This information is valuable, and enables us to better respond to issues and monitor and encourage greater parental involvement in the education process. We are very happy with the system and also the strong support provided by Edval. Jane Rogers, Academic Dean,Launceston Church Grammar School, TAS

Our parent Teacher interviews went very smoothly using EdvalPTN. The parents seemed to love it, and we had triple the number of interviews we usually have booked. Two parents commented that they had not previously come to these interview sessions as their child didn’t tell them about it, but the online system made it easier to get interviews organised. We also found that despite a large increase in interview numbers, many of our teachers were able to go home hours earlier, as the system scheduled their interviews close to the start of the night. We found it very easy and quick to get the event setup. We had very few parents call to say they did not have internet access, but our office staff were able to lodge these requests on the spot. We were very pleased with the event booking system, and are certainly keen to continue using it. Kevin McHugh, Deputy Principal, MT Carmel College, SA

Our College used the EdvalPTN system for parent teacher interviews and found it to be excellent. We first used the off-line module, but the last one was done using the online PTN module as well. Both were very easy to use. We found there were far more interviews than usual , and had a lot of parents who had never come to these events previously. We were initially worried that more parents would not like using a website, but found it was the reverse as parents loved having the control over the system. The parent priority levels for requesting interviews seemed to work well in equity of allocations. We would not consider returning back to a paper system as the Edval one makes such a difference. It was interesting to see such an impact gained from having parents ‘request interviews’ rather than ‘book’ them as the system is very different to traditional methods. The booking module has worked very well for our college, as has all the other Edval technologies we use. David Hamaty, Director of Operations, Nowra Anglican College
EdvalPTN has been very helpful to our school, not only in the opportunity to automatically print individual parent request forms, but in the quality of the parent teacher interview schedule itself. The close integration with the main school timetable means there are no errors in the parent interview schedule, and it is just so easy. A lot of our teachers have commented that they have been able to be granted a lot more interviews with EdvalPTN, and there is a lot less waiting time for parents as the schedule is always quite compact. The module has made life a lot easier to administer parent teacher nights and we highly recommend it to other schools. 
Sue MacMaster, Studies Coordinator, Our Lady of Mercy College

We moved from a student-led system of interview booking to using EdvalPTN. Parents were very impressed with the new system and many contacted the school to thank us for making the change. We were able to satisfy more interview requests and at the same time have fewer parents waiting at any one time. In turn this meant we were able to use a smaller (and warmer) venue. Teachers also benefited by having more streamlined interviews allowing some to finish early.
Nicky Jellesma, Office Manager, Tenison Woods College, SA