Teachers With Own Children at Events

It is common for teachers in any large school to also have their own children attending the school. There can be a slight conflict of interest, and schools sometimes direct that teachers should not discuss the performance of any child belonging to another teacher with them, other than at formally recognised parent teacher interview events.
This ensures the lines are clear and that the child is being treated like any other in the school, and not subject to any favouritism. It is also better as the teachers are mentally prepared and with any academic results or comments at hand to properly deliver to the teacher.
It poses a slight dilemma, as we need to schedule teachers as ‘teachers’ and also as ‘parents’ for the same event. When a teacher’s own children are scheduled for interviews, the ‘teacher/parent’ must attend, so can’t also accept interviews from other parents.
  • Identify who the affected teachers are, that have children at the school, and who will be subject to the parent teacher interview night being run.


  • Go through these teachers sequentially and manually schedule suitable times for their own personal interviews, prior to accepting or processing any external parent interviews. These should be made at times suitable to the teacher, which may be not too close to any of their scheduled breaks – since the personal interview is a form of mini break in itself. These may also be done in a way to assist in reducing congestion – such as later in the event when the teachers they need to see may have more gaps in their schedules as parent demand is higher earlier on – or perhaps the reverse.


  • The schedule will have scheduled these as parents, but now we need to recognise the fact that these people are also teachers. Go through the teacher timetables in EdvalPTN and manually block out the interview times where each teacher will be attending interviews for their own children.


  • Construct the interview schedule. All external parents will be scheduled around the teachers own interview times, as they have been blocked out to accommodate this activity.