Reduce Teacher Time-Waste
Schools hold parent teacher nights for the purpose of encouraging greater parental involvement in their child’s education, and to communicate information and advice. A view could be taken that it is the teacher’s responsibility to attend the entire duration of the evening, and even if they have to wait two hours to see one parent, that is their job.
The reality is that managing a workforce requires balancing job roles with other considerations. Where teachers are lightly loaded, the school should within reason try to compact their schedules and ensure they are not waiting around for too long between interviews, or can leave the event early when their interviews are completed.
Considering the impact on teachers will ensure greater harmony in the school workplace, and encourage teachers to feel very positive about their work – which flows on to the enthusiasm they impact when teaching students.


  • Use EdvalPTN Batch.
    • This gives the lowest time waste for teachers in any schedule, compared to any other method or system in use today.
  • Ensure teacher early mark weight is set correctly.
    • You may want to lower favour parent waste rather than staff
  • Consider restricting the availability of some staff
    • Designating them as a late starter or early departure – which will reduce their time waste. This may degrade the parent solution quality to an extent, but a fair balance should be sought.
    • Sometimes a small impact on parents may have a much larger benefit to teachers.
  • Analyse the percentage of student requests for this teacher
    • This is shown in the EdvalPTN teacher statistics table. If there is a significantly higher demand for this teacher compared to others, is there any reason for this, or can this be managed in any way?
    • If this student interest ratio is low, has this teacher perhaps discouraged students from requesting interviews?
    • Is this teacher very good and all students are doing so well that they do not need interviews?
  • Reduce event duration.
    • If teacher time waste occurs for many teachers, you may consider reducing the event duration, to ensure teachers have a higher interview density (or reduced time waste)