Giving Teacher Early Marks


Some teachers with few classes or few students in their classes are likely to have far less demand for interviews. Similarly some practical subjects like Art will usually attract far less demand than core subjects like English. Unless properly managed, these light loaded teachers often spend many hours at an event, yet only have sporadic interview requests.


It could be argued that teachers have a duty to attend regardless, and that little effort should be taken to facilitate early marks. In reality these teachers will be far more positive if the school is able to accommodate them and better manage their schedules so their interview density matches other teachers – rather than them having long periods of waiting time.


EdvalPTN manages teacher early marks when in batch mode, where the total number of interview requests are known beforehand, so appropriate early marks can be managed. This is not possible under immediate mode as there is no precise way to determine which teachers will possibly ‘have’ an early mark if scheduling is done sequentially – since they could well need to stay till the end of the event if demand is high.


  1. Process the interview schedule using EdvalPTN in batch mode
  2. Examine the statistics, and consider the total teacher early mark time. Also examine schedules of more lightly loaded teachers, and see what factors are impacting on their departure times
  3. If possible, consider varying the event parameters to facilitate early marks for these teachers, such as adjusting staff meal times, or adjusting the EdvalPTN early mark parameter.
  4. Construct several schedules with differing parameters and adopt the best balance of parent time waste, interviews granted, teacher time waste and also teacher early mark time.