Reduce Missed Interviews


Ideally the school would allow all parents to see all the teachers they request, however limited time and resources do not always permit that to occur. When analysing interview schedules, it is important to know the reasons why interviews are being missed, which includes:

  • Teachers are fully booked.
    • Demand for overall interviews exceeds the supply of interview times
  • Max parent time wait exceeded
    • Interviews dropped as the maximum acceptable parent wait time was not exceeded
  • Interviews per child limit
    • Interviews dropped due to the limit on the number of interviews per child
  • Restrictive parent (or teacher) time availability


To address these issues:

  1.  Double click the Num Missed column heading to sort (or reverse) sort this field, and observe the numbers of parents who have missed interviews in their schedule, along with the how many missed interviews each has.
  2. Examine the reasons why these interviews are being missed, by manually attempting to allocate them using EdvalPTN’s manual scheduling window for some of the affected parents. This will quickly show you if it is ‘teacher fully booked’ or ‘exceed max parent wait time’ that is causing the problems. Examining the parent checkbox screen also shows if this parent has restrictive availability, or has requested more interviews than is permitted to be granted.
  3. There may well be legitimate reasons for these interviews being missed, but you may want to adjust some of the parameters to reduce the number, or follow up some of the parents with a suggestion about seeing teachers, outside the event itself at a different time.
  4. Where numbers are significantly high you may consider increasing the time allocated to the event, to provide more freedom to accommodate all the interviews.