Analyse Interview Interest
- by Teacher or Subject
To understand the school better, it can be helpful to examine the student interview interest by teacher or by class. EdvalPTN provides these details so you can identify which teachers (or subjects) are favoured, and which get far lower levels of interview requests. There are many reasons for variation in interest, but some include:

Some subjects are considered more ‘important’ than others. Core subjects like English, Maths and Science attract far higher ratios of interview requests than Languages or art for example.
Some classes contain a mixture of students that affects the interest levels – remedial classes may attract higher levels, while accelerated classes may be full of students who are performing very well and whose parents are less likely to request interviews.
Some teachers may actively discourage students requesting interviews with them, as they dislike the process, or wish to reduce their already high workload
Some teachers may ‘interview’ better than others, and attract parents who find the meeting rewarding. A poor experience with a teacher who does not impart much information, does not engage parents well, or does not appear to ‘know’ the students properly may be subconsciously discouraging parents from seeking interviews with them in future.
Identifying these trends may enable the school to address the issue and improve communication skills of these teachers.