BENEFITS Everybody


So many reasons to change...

So little time. What are you waiting for?


Benefits Teachers

  • Teacher early marks - get off early, if few interviews.
  • Less staff idle time - shorter schedules by 30mins!
  • Staff requests - pre-nominate times for special needs.
  • Less staff effort - focus on education, not admin.

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Benefits Parents

  • No parent waiting. Save 30+hrs of total parent time waste.
  • Parent early marks. Parents can start & leave earlier.
  • Fair interview allocation. Fair on parents. Unlike paper systems.
  • Preference based. Prioritise interview. Match needs better.
  • Better educationally. Students not in organiser role.
    Poor students don't organise their interviews well. Bright kids get them all!
  • Better schedule format. Neatly printed and personalised.

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Benefits Students

  • No work. Students don’t have to manage schedules.
  • More parent home-time. Parents spend less time at events.
  • Educationally better:
    • Teacher interview pre-nomination. Paper systems need parent contact to agree times for special needs kids. We only need interview 'preferences'.
    • Parent interview priority. Parents get interviews they really want.
    • Student free! Poor students don't organise their own interviews well.

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Benefits Schools

  • Better venue choice. Less congestion allows use of smaller, more event-appropriate venues. Like a nice air-conditioned library vs. a large breezy hall!
  • Reduce facility use. 25% Less parents waiting, using toilets, tea/coffee/food, car parking, chairs, and making noise. Less crowds also make events look more organised.
  • Less staff effort. Processing paper forms, negotiating schedules.
  • Schedule accessibility. See schedules for all other teachers easily.
  • Parent follow-up. Encourage involvement by parents who never attend.
  • Dynamic event parameters. Clever ways to get better results.
  • Run more events. So easy, you can run two per year. Stay connected!
  • Fit more interviews. Squeeze more interviews into the available event time.

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