EdvalPTN Online
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Parent-Led online booking systems provide a basic function, allowing parents to manually book their own interviews via the web. EdvalPTN Online offers far more than these simple, manual systems:



  • Interview preferences.
    • Parents simply nominate the times they are available, the teachers they want to see, and the relative priority of their interview requests. This is very different to, and much better than less featured systems where parents manually schedule specific times.
    • It is both educationally better as well as more efficient. EdvalPTN Online also fully supports this more traditional Immediate mode as well, so users always have full control.
  • Automated time allocation.
    • Unlike all other online booking systems, EdvalPTN supports instant and fully automatic granting of all interview times to parents.
    • These times may be accepted, or parent preferred times modified and times reissued, or parents may elect to nominate specific times manually on an interview by interview basis. Parents always have full control.
  • Better technology.
    • EdvalPTN Online is built with the latest Ajax web technology like Google’s Gmail, and advanced CSS controls for desktop functionality yet provided via a web interface.
    • Other online booking sites use older HTTP, for a less positive and slower user experience.
  • Better designed.
    • Screen design & user functions is better than other online sites.
  • Better times.
    • Automated time allocation ensures far better schedules for both parents and teachers, compared to parents booking manually. Also, parent preferences are considered.
  • Class list aware.
    • Other systems get parents to select from lists of ‘all possible’ teachers. EdvalPTN only presents the specific teachers who teach that child, simplifying nomination.
  • Family aware.
    • Other online systems do not manage families. EdvalPTN can link students to families and allow parents to book concurrently for all their children at the one time.
  • Rapid deployment.
    • Events may be fully created online in minutes. EdvalPTN supports import directly from the Edval ett format, as well as allowing table upload for schools not using Edval.
  • Standard benefits.
    • As with other online sites, EdvalPTN offers high parent accessibility, personal printed schedules, parent flexibility and control, and large administrative savings.



  • No disadvantages!
    • There are no known disadvantages with EdvalPTN Online