EdvalPTN Immediate -
Automatic scheduling
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Unlike batch mode, EdvalPTN Immediate Mode allows the school to offer interview times instantly to parents on request. This can be done online, or by parents ringing the school, or by students requesting interview times personally from the school office. This approach more closely mimics the School-Led or Student-Led approach to interview scheduling, but offers significant advantages.

  • Instant times.
    • Interview times are allocated instantly, automatically, and for every single teacher being requested by the parent (or student) at that time.
  • All times at once.
    • EdvalPTN Immediate grants interview times for all teachers at the one time. Student-led systems can only schedule one single teacher at a time, multiplying the effort.
  • Better times.
    • EdvalPTN Immediate allocates times intelligently, gives low parent time-waste, as well as low teacher time-waste, while also observing other parameters like staff availability.
  • Better educationally.
    • EdvalPTN Immediate considers parent interview priority in any request, which is a better educational approach to matching needs. Where conflict arises or demand exceeds supply, only less preferred interviews will be
  • Printed schedules.
    • EdvalPTN Immediate can provide an instant hard copy printed interview schedule, unlike handwritten methods such as student-led or school led approaches.
  • Clash free.
    • EdvalPTN Immediate always provides clash free solutions, unlike manual methods that may double book accidentally.
      EdvalPTN allows double booking, if requested manually.
  • Familiar approach.
    • Parents may feel more at ease if times are given instantly, like they’re used to. EdvalPTN can be used internally by schools, without parent knowledge of the system used.
  • Online support.
    • Parents (or their children or teachers) may use EdvalPTN Immediate online to get their interview times instantly, or to make manual allocations or adjustments to times.
  • Batch integration.
    • EdvalPTN Batch may be used initially to construct the bulk of the schedule, but the system can seamlessly switch to immediate mode for subsequent interview requests.
  • Two stage support.
    • Link batch with immediate for two stage processing. Discourage less-needed interviews for better resource control, yet run more interviews for those in educational need.


  • Less efficient.
    • While better than many other methods, Immediate mode is still not as good as EdvalPTN batch. E.g. Teacher early marks suffer, since demand can’t be predicted in this mode.
  • Education quality.
    • EdvalPTN Batch gives better education focused interview schedules via global management of parent preferences and other considerations. EdvalPTN immediate does not.
  • Static parameters.
    • Immediate mode does not support dynamic parameters so can’t consider varying staff meal times or other parameters for better overall results. EdvalPTN batch can.