Different Parent Teacher Scheduling Approaches


There are several available methods used by schools today, to organise their parent teacher interview nights. Each has strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the various systems enables you to compare your current system to others. EdvalPTN has compiled this useful research data, which is not available from other sources.


  • Free for All - No schedules. Parents line up for teachers.
  • Student Led - Students & teachers fill paper schedules
  • Parent Led - Parents book their interviews via the web.
  • School Led - Parents phone for interview schedules.
  • Auto-Sequential - Interviews done auto-sequentially
  • Auto-Batch - Interviews done via swap optimising.
  • EdvalPTN Online - Online manual scheduling by parents
  • EdvalPTN Immediate - Instant auto-allocation of times.
  • EdvalPTN - Interviews granted either immediate, online, or batch heuristics. This is by far the best approach, and combinations of these three methods may also be used.

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